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Email Software Features | Email Marketing Software

Email Software Features | Email Marketing Software

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What an email software can do and what it can’t.

An email software offers you the following important resources:

Email merge

This option allows you to send personalized mass emails. Personalizing a newsletter or other email communication is a must. ‘Dear reader’ or ‘customer’ is not personalized email. However, it is preferable to a horrible mistake like ‘Dear Smith’.

Web-based vs. computer-based

There is email software that you have to download on your computer in order to use them. The main inconvenience is that you have to use the same computer each time you want to send your newsletter.

On the other hand, a web-based email software has several advantages:

  • you can operate it on any computer that has an internet connection
  • you can benefit from the software upgrades in real time

The space you can use is virtually unlimited

The issue gets more complicated when you need to choose among a script that will run on your server or a program that runs on an external server. Usually, the second one is recommended, as it saves you from the bore of installing additional software on your server.

Automatic subscribe and unsubscribe option

People need to be able to opt-in (subscribe) to your newsletter, no matter how they found out about it. Double opt-in is recommended. That means you ask them to confirm their subscription via email. This procedure is needed because of the common practice of subscribing other persons to newsletters, for the most curious reasons.

Automatic responder

When somebody subscribes to one of your newsletters, or orders a product from you, you may have the impulse to thank him or her. What if several thousand people do this at the same time? Guess you’ll need an automatic responder.

Track false subscribers

Sometimes, subscribers give – accidentally or not – wrong spelled email addresses, inexisting email addresses or false data in the subscription form – E.g. the zip code. Your email software must track these inadvertences automatically when possible.

Multi-threaded sending

Instead of delivering one email at a time, with this option you can deliver several messages at a time.

Database query

This option allows you to apply various filters to your database. You can select the persons of a certain age or location for a specific emailing campaign. E.g. you can use this option to identify duplicates unless your program does not eliminate those automatically.

Bounceback management

Bouncebacks are the addresses unable to deliver your message. High bounceback rates are bad news for your bulk email campaign. The email software must manage bouncebacks automatically, detecting whether the addresses don’t work because of a permanent or temporary problem, and deciding when they need to be removed from the list.

Multi-Part MIME

A multi-part MIME message discerns among subscribers that can read HTML messages and the ones that can’t. The second category will receive the message in a text format. That way, you can be sure they won’t see indescifrable HTML code or mistake your newsletter for spam.

Email Tracking Software

One of the most important features of a bulk email marketing campaign is the possibility to track the persons who actually open your email, the ones who click through or the ones who forward it to somebody else.

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