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Does Your Mobile Strategy Have Legs?

Does Your Mobile Strategy Have Legs?

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How do you know your mobile marketing program will perform at top level… that it’s a sound investment?

If you have already launched a mobile promotion, what steps are you taking to gauge its impact and maximize its effectiveness?

Mobile marketing can be the magic spark that ignites a brand’s sales and marketing performance, but programs are susceptible to short-term “burnout” if the program is not regulated and refueled consistently.

Successfully taking your brand to the streets (malls, sporting events, fairs, etc.) requires a strategy with vision and flexibility, backed by expertise and a progressive way to evaluate ROI.

If you are looking to economize spending, elevate impact, attract media coverage, and give your program long-term continuity, in short, you want to be sure your mobile marketing campaign has “legs”. Ask yourself the following questions throughout the planning and execution process:

How does your mobile experience stand out from other mobile marketing programs?

Did the designers take full advantage of the space available on location, opportunities for creative entertainment, interactive education, graphics that go beyond a logo on a trailer?

Have they come up with options that illustrate, compare, amaze, sell, and entice local media coverage as well as consumers at crowded events?

Did they take into consideration all the sponsorship, cross-branding, and cross-promotional opportunities?

Is the overall message you are sending targeted, timely and consistent?

Is your display designed to appeal to a specific demographic group? How can you modify the overall scripting and look of the presentation to better adapt to different audiences in different environments?

Are the graphics, displays, games, product demos, contests, etc. designed to reinforce the attitude and personality of your brand, as well as the appeal of your latest products?

Are the “characters” and scenarios of the mobile marketing program consistent with current media campaigns? How does the mobile marketing experience present opportunities for consumers to follow up with the promotion on-line, via phone/mail-in, or at future events/retail locations?

How will your mobile campaign be designed not just for short-term sales lift, but also to generate trust and memorability? Does it demonstrate your brand’s willingness to respond to changing consumer preferences?

Are you hitting the right locations at the right time?

Are you activating retail sectors where and when most of your customer base shops? i.e. Is a Wednesday morning setup the best time to reach professional working mothers at the grocery store?

Is your regional sales force participating in the specific account scheduling and event execution? Are there grand opening celebrations, major sporting events, radio remotes, etc. already scheduled in the market that will help drive more traffic to a particular location?

Have you taken seasonal matters like consumer traffic and equipment maintenance into account? i.e Whenever possible, are you routing your program through the northern markets in the summer and the southern markets in the winter, to balance weather climates?

Is your mobile marketing campaign integrated with your overall branding and media campaign?

Are the “characters” and scenarios of the mobile marketing program consistent with current media campaigns?

Do you see opportunities/interest for other promotional departments (PR, advertising, consumer research) to leverage your campaign to accomplish their objectives? Are there built-in ties to current in-store or on-line promotions? Can you work trailer spots into existing media buys to promote appearances?

Are you staying within budget? Have you planned to make periodic value-added improvements?

Have you thought about adding a 5% slush fund into your budget to accommodate unforeseen “learning curve” adjustments?

How are you tracking the long-term and short-term return on investment? Are you getting frequent numbers and feedback, so that you can tweak the program on the fly? Are you utilizing the one-to-one opportunity to capture consumer research?

Do you have a database of locations and expert staffing? Do you know how to handle last-minute technical glitches, or have a service provider you can trust in these areas?



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